Goal 1: Weight Loss

3 04 2010

The goal I’m currently working on is losing weight.

I feel so over-scheduled most of the time that it’s easy find an excuse to not go to the gym and really easy to stop by one of the many fast food drive-thrus on my way home after a 12 hour day. I know there are a million reasons why changing those two things would be beneficial. Changing the way I eat is easier for me so that’s where I’m starting.

Benefits of eating properly:

We have been watching food documentaries and are appalled to find out all kinds of things I didn’t want to know. I really like eating but it’s hard to stomach some of the stuff they are trying to sell us…literally and figuratively. I’m not totally oblivious; I was vegetarian throughout most of my teen years and vegan for a year or more right after high school. The thing that was the most shocking is the government supplied corn subsidies and how high fructose corn syrup is in EVERYTHING! It might be more expensive to avoid it but we are trying and have plans for a garden soon to alleviate some of the cost of fresh, organic produce. Part of me is still a little sad because I have a sugar addiction. I’m not sure which is going to be tougher…cutting out the sugar, the caffeine, or learning how to not eat emotionally.

Anyway we started the life style change (not diet) on April 1st. It’s brutal. No eating out for a month, except for my birthday dinner that I’ve been looking forward to since last year. No diet coke *gasp*. I’m not throwing out all of our cheese but I’m going to try to not buy it any more, or rarely if ever. I did throw away all the super bad junk food and only kept random hard candies and cinnamon graham crackers. We went shopping and bought good things like fresh veggies and quinoa.

So far I’ve been super tired but I’m sure its a combo of not having caffeine and screwing up my sleep schedule the past few days due to a harsh sinus infection. I did pretty ok in the food department today though. Mixed berry juice, green tea, granola bar (it was the last one), banana, peanut butter crackers (not throwing them out but not buying anymore), honey wheat pretzel sticks (pre-portioned in snack baggie), string cheese (already had it in the fridge), pepperoni (already in the fridge), baby carrots and water. I’m working late so no real dinner time…probably some cereal when I get home.

I doubt I’m going to make it to the gym tonight so I’ll leave that post for another day.




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