I really hate the idea of titles

22 04 2010

I’m up an hour earlier than I need to be which is some sort of miracle. School is over in less than 2 weeks so I haven’t had much extra time to post. Well I got my third statistics exam back and I totally failed it. I knew I was going to fail the second one because I really had no idea but I thought I was much more prepared this time…obviously I was not. Anyway I stopped going to that class and already signed up to take it again in the fall. I’m not even going to think about what will happen if I fail it again. It will be the fourth time I’ve taken it because my major requires it. How many times do I have to fail for it not to be worth it anymore? Have I mentioned that I hate school and wish I didn’t have to go?

Other than that things have been going ok. We finally planted some things in our garden (potatoes, beans, onions and peas) and started several other seeds in pots that can be planted directly in the ground in a week or two. I’m worried that nothing will grow because it’s the first year.

Now I just want to go back to sleep. My mind is tired but sleeping is almost not even helpful because I have such random dreams. A lot of the time I am working in my dreams…doing any combination of tasks from previous jobs. It seems so unfair sometimes that my sleep is not any more restful than being awake.

I have also not lost any weight which is depressing. I did go to the gym on Tuesday night but I also ate a ton of food last weekend because it was my birthday and we always go out somewhere nice for family dinner on people’s birthdays. In the month of April so far I have eaten out twice at nice restaurants and three times at subway but that’s it. We are going to a wedding this weekend which also qualifies as eating out I think. I don’t really miss eating out so much and actually like that we cook at home more. It’s fun although time-consuming.

Ok I have to go shower.




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