A teeny bit of progress

24 05 2010

Today I officially set myself up to be a seller on Etsy. This is to motivate myself to actually do something. Now that my “shop” is open I really have to get it ready and list some items because having an empty shop is pathetic. Now that the semester is over I have Fridays off and only work until noon on Tuesdays. The plan is to use the time to make some extra money.

Actually the plan is to figure out how to support myself doing stuff I like versus having a “real job” that I hate. I like the idea of my real job but not the culture in which it exists. I like advocating for libraries but I can always do that later, on my own time. Also I’m afraid if I stay here too long I’ll get totally burnt out and never look back. Dreaming about work all night and then going to work for another nine hours is not fun for me. Besides I don’t get paid very much at my job and am used to living on almost nothing so it shouldn’t be too hard to continue living on nothing.

When I get home tonight I’m going to set up a processing center in our deserted dining room. I make all of my crafty stuff in an extra bedroom but there’s not much room for anything else in there at this point. I need somewhere to take pictures of things and then box then up for shipping later. Hmm…I should look for some cheap bookcases at garage sales so I can keep everything organized.

I also have to figure out how to not let myself get distracted by the dvr, laundry and the rest…




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