I don’t even like lizards in real life

2 06 2010

I have SO MUCH in my head all of the time yet it’s hard to ever get anything on paper (blog?). I should set a schedule so that I write more regularly. Anyway I listed one thing on Etsy yesterday. The first thing ever. It was, of course, not as hard as I thought it would be. Why does my mind always think everything is going to be so hard/scary? Or that I don’t like something even though I’ve never tried it or not in a long time anyway. A simple example is food. There are so many foods that I didn’t like as a child so I have refused to eat them. Or I think I know that something is going to be slimy (I’m a huge texture in food person) so I will just avoid it. Seriously it’s just food. If I won’t try new foods then how will I ever learn to not be afraid of huge leaps, like quitting my job or anything really?

I’ve been reading Seth Godin’s blog lately. I used to read it but purged it from my reader because I thought it was fluff that didn’t apply to me. I finally added it back because I want it to apply to me. I want to be a Linchpin. I swear it’s like he’s reading my mind sometimes. But that’s good right?

My latest favorite post.

Not just my head, but your customer’s head and yes… yours.

Everyone has multiple conversations and priorities going on, competing agendas that come into play every time we make a choice about doing, buying, creating or interacting. I think these voices (and a few I missed) determine which career we choose, how good a job we do, where we shop and what we watch. Here are a few:

  • The ego–seeks applause and recognition.
  • The lizard–seeks safety, wants to fit in and not be rejected or criticized.
  • The artist–wants to be generous, creative and make positive change with impact.
  • The boxer–wants to poke and be poked, seeks revenge and ultimately victory.
  • The zombie–wants to turn off and be entertained.
  • The carpenter–seeks to do useful work, and finish it well.
  • The philanthropist–wants to help, anonymously.
  • The evangelist–wants to spread an idea.
  • And the hunter–wants to successfully track and bring down a target.

There’s a lot of overlap here, no doubt about it. Who’s winning?

Right now the lizard is winning. And the zombie is a close second. I have all of them in there, I just don’t know why it’s so hard for me to make the other ones more powerful. Maybe I need a stack of those cute rubber bracelets to remind me… “What would the Ego do?” ha. It all just sounds so simple when he says it.




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