Blue jean blues

28 11 2010

It was just announced that we are allowed to wear jeans on Friday…if we donate $5 (each time) to a local charity. I have to admit that I’m super bad about breaking the dress code. We are supposed to only wear jeans on Saturday (a day I never work) but I regularly wear them on a Tuesday because I’m too fat to fit into my dress pants. This was a genius move on their part because now I feel guilty because I theoretically owe that charity like $500 for all of my infractions.

Off to Goodwill to buy myself some (non-denim) pants that fit…




2 responses

3 12 2010

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9 12 2010

This theme is called “Freshy” by Julien De Luca and I just found it while browsing the available wordpress themes. Thanks for stopping by :)

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