I am almost 28 and live in the same mid-western town I grew up in, much to the dismay of my teenage self. Now I almost don’t mind still being here as long as I get to travel a few times a year. I like diet coke, black coffee and most foods (based on texture more than taste). I am a good driver, technically, but am aggressive, don’t follow the rules and have had more speeding tickets than I can remember. I am good at Jeopardy and get a great amount of satisfaction out of beating most people at any board game.

I read a lot when I have free time and generally stick with non-fiction or post-apocalyptic, dystopian and sci-fi/fantasy types of fiction. I hate books with predictable endings and like to flip to the end to make sure I’m not wasting my time. I get mad when someone refuses to tell me the end of a movie because they think it would “spoil it” for me. There’s a very small percentage of television programming that I won’t watch…more than once.

I love shopping but am usually close to broke. I pride myself on finding things on sale and love second-hand stores. I like being arts & crafty for fun but would love to be able to support myself this way. I really work in IT at a public library and am working on a degree in public affairs management. I’m not sure how I got into either of these and not sure how long I’ll be willing to stay.

I like photography and end up with hundreds of pictures after every vacation; pictures of things, not people. I’m curious and like the idea of going to new places but am terrified to do go anywhere new on my own. When I’m on campus I can easily go the entire day without speaking one word to anyone. I tell myself that I could live in a world without other people and be totally happy. Having no close relationships is staring to get lonely but I have no idea how to fix it and this causes me quite a bit of anxiety. I don’t want to be so afraid anymore.

I do however have an amazing boyfriend which I am grateful for everyday <3


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